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Vilma Nöel:


    ’ Every artist has to go where the people are. It is sublime to watch the city with its original presence. We feel honored with your invitation to go beyond the trivial and to overcome the transcendence. To think the unthinkable. To resize what is most noble in the heart of the soul: the sensitivity.
You in communion with the people satisfy the hunger for beauty that the world has. You, fairy of the abandoned children. You, the one who cry out in the stages worldwide for the social inequalities. You magnificent work which God designed to be harmony in the chaos.
I bring here too, the memory of fans, often anonymous, who applaud the spectacle of your talent. And everyone ala Luciano Crotienzo, being 'Angels
with only one wing, embraced with each other'. And you along with us, tied to our legion continuing the journey towards a more coherent world.”



Judge Jose Fernandes Filho
President of the Court of the State of Minas Gerais










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